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The Rainforest Skywalk

The Rainforest Skywalk 620m-long with 3 viewing towers are now connected (the Bristlehead, Trogon and Hornbill  Towers) and a single-column Sunbird Shelter. It was the first of its kind in the country and is one of the few in Southeast Asia!


The walkway is about 1.5 m wide and about 27 m above the ground at its highest point. It is made very sturdy to cater to large crowds. Most of all, it was designed to be safe for preschool children as the RDC has school programmes for them as well!

The Rainforest Skywalk is very popular with our visitors, as well as birders and nature photographers. It is currently being extended to link to the Ridge Trail and the entrance to the Sepilok Giant Bypass trail. 

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