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Sepilok Jr Rangers camp on Heart of Borneo 2019

This year's Sepilok Junior Rangers (SJRs) on Heart of Borneo camp was held at the Mt. Silam, Lahad Datu. The 3-night, 4-day camp was held during the school holidays from 14 to 17 August 2019. The objectives of the camp were:

  • I. To get to know the birds of Mt. Silam.

  • II. Provide new experiences and knowledge for SJRs.

  • III. To get to know the flora of Mt Silam.

  • IV. To build up team spirit among the SJRs.

Among the activities carried out during the camp was an introduction to the beautiful birds and plants of Sepagaya Forest Reserve, night walk, identifying flora and fauna within Tower of Heaven area and hiking. A Bird Race was also held for the 3 groups of SJRs, named Pitta, Asian Paradise Flycatcher and Common Kingfisher. Each group was accompanied by a knowledgeable marshal to identify the birds. 

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